WILLDO Daycare

with language and sports program

for children ages 2.5 to 6

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Language-sports daycare

WILLDO Daycare

Are you looking for activities for your preschoolers that could help them develop their language skills and encourage their love for exercise?

Enroll them in WILLDO Daycare!

WILLDO Daycare combines physical activities with fun educational program focusing on developing Czech and English language competencies and communication skills. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, children will play games that expand their vocabulary in both Czech and English and help preschoolers develop their understanding of language. There is also exercise included in all activities in a natural way to help kids focus and promote their healthy all-round development.

Children can be enrolled for 1 to 12 hours per week.

Fee: from CZK 3 300 / semester

Age: 2,5-6 years old 

Language and sports daycare

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1 hour once a week

CZK 3300 / semester


2 hours once a week

CZK 5500 / semester


3 hours once a week

CZK 7700 / semester

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